In order to enjoy the interactive fun brought by the Internet, I applied ID in the major sites, enjoy the same interactive fun, I have a different password on different websites for a number of different ID and the corresponding remember under different ID, and the ID is not used to hide my horse armor, but each big website no, let me experience the joy and the birth of the so-called interaction. That I had to use the vest to enjoy my registration in the Internet fun interactive.   this must start with just the Internet, I started using ID, is a five bit ID a group of English letters, which a few years with this ID believe in 99.99% sites are free to register, smoothly, and then a few years found that each big website began to limit below 6 ID registered, too it is you want to register, ID must be 6 digits starting. This for the first time I had a feeling of being blocked, in order to continue to experience interactive fun brought by the Internet, but also afraid of his bad memory, so I registered ID adopts 7 bit QQ as my ID to register, but was blocked second times good times don’t last long, I caught, because the big at the beginning of the site began to ban digital ID registered…… Which I used to register the Chinese bar, and soon, the site and the registration of ID and nickname separated, that is to say, no longer support the registration of Chinese ID, once again brutally banned. Finally played a greater than 6, less than 12, with English letter and contains a standardized ID letters, numbers, symbols, thought that this could be All is well.. But found that the Internet interaction everywhere, there are always more interactive things waiting for you. That is the password restrictions, the major sites began to limit the privacy of my. Password length, can not contain ID content, not all the numbers, etc.. After all, each complex ID has a more complex password behind it. And when I have to remember a lot of "personality" of the ID and password, followed by the major websites and popular with the mailbox account as a website login ID…… Is this a good thing or a bad thing?     the following is I casually picked up 4 portal pass ID registration restrictions. Web site ID (number) whether to support the Chinese characters to support the full number of other restrictions Sina 4-16 can not support the underline can not be at the end of the Sohu 4-16 can not support the need to start with lowercase letters. 4-18 can not support the NetEase can only start with numbers or letters, and at the end of TOM 3-19 can not support only use letters, numbers, to English letter, and cannot end in’_’,’ – ‘,’.’.   Author: Yang Guang QQ:1011647 MSN:[email protected]: Xu rural Blog: column: http://s.column.iresearch/

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