original title: Zhao Liying turned vice president of science and technology, the star when the official routines how to play a new tricks?


22 micro-blog’s boot screen screenshot

this hot topic, with the exposure and traffic, is destined to be the envy of everyone.

invited 4 stars when the official, science and technology play big

On the afternoon of 21

, which owns the second shot, small coffee show, a live 3 explosion of applications about science and technology conference held in Beijing, confirmed the completion of a $500 million E round of financing. Throughout the afternoon, the list can be seen at the conference photo shoot and graphic information, feel portal, micro-blog and circle of friends is a science and technology contract.


Baidu index shows that the 21 "science and technology" hot index suddenly increased by

conference highlights a lot, but there is no doubt the most talked about social media is Zhao Liying invited to become vice president of science and technology". This topic first detonated on micro-blog, many media reported micro-blog account, micro-blog Master made plans with the text to.


last night, Zhao Liying I posted 3 pieces of dress photos and text with "no overbearing president" in micro-blog, as a vice president admitted that, after some gossip entertainment, fashion micro-blog, homeopathy held red related topics. As of November 22nd 15:00, named # Zhao Liying served as vice president of # Topic Reading reached 100 million, the amount of discussion 38 thousand.


star to play when the "official" marketing companies a lot, before playing gimmicks have QQ music (TFBOYS, Li Yuchun, vip.com (staff) Jay Chou became the chief officer (surprise), Yang Yang served as chief marketing officer, a compliant) technology is what can be in the same qualitative blaze a "our"


1 number: a total of 4 stars invited when the official

science and technology is not the first time to play this marketing, in May of this year, they have invited Jia Nailiang to take the lead as chief creative officer. This time they not only invited Jia Nailiang seriously debriefing at the press conference, adding 3 star employees, are mentioned by Zhao Liying, Yundi Li and Zhang Xinyu.


increased from 1 to 4 star star employees employees, we can think of is that the next few days, the 4 stars behind the team will highlight their "new work", and a well-known technology also with the increase publicity. Star earned fame, science and technology to make a profit, it is a win-win marketing decisions.

2 position enough >

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