B2B: according to the Nene brand marketing has been a problem of practitioners headache, "boring, single path " sales, marketing

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, we invite the service GE (GE) Li Guowei senior marketing people 15 years of the brand, to the chief content officer evolution laboratory, shared his experience with the industry in the B2B brand marketing insight for us. In this excerpt part and share.

B2B enterprise CMO responsibilities include two: one is the brand, one is the sales trail. The marketing team is there must be a group of people is to do the brand, the other group of people doing sales leads. Simply that a department is to spend money, and the other is to make money, do not take a single brand, but it can create a very solid foundation for sales.

whether it is 2B enterprises or 2C enterprises, brand marketing is one of the core words: association. Every day we will face tens of thousands of pieces of information, but many brands will be ignored from a user perspective the most basic question: what do I have to do with this information?


if you only do the machine, sell chemicals, then you can not imagine more interesting and more effective information, more difficult to establish a new connection with people’s interests and feelings, so we have to make marketing thinking B and C ends open. For B2B companies, brand marketing can be related to the user through these things:

first, the industry insight to create opinion leaders

B2B enterprises have a great advantage, is a rich and clear insight into the industry, for example we want to do a really let the world become robots, automation is better, it contains how much our understanding of this industry? But like selling carbonated drinks, sell the chocolate 2C these enterprises, it is difficult to the performance of these. So you look at those big 2B companies are sparing no effort to establish their own opinion leader status.

SIEMENS: Industrial 4.0


is representative of the manufacturing sector in Germany, he put forward the concept of industrial 4, pulling the government and leading enterprises to discuss this matter together, so we feel that in the industrial automation and industrial 4, SIEMENS is the most reliable, able to provide the most effective solution.

IBM: cognitive business

IBM based on industry insight put forward the concept of cognitive business, and made a closer to the life of the film.


includes GE, talking about the digital industry, these big companies, they have the capital to talk to you about some huge changes. Of course, this is just a way to talk about the brand, then from the emotional side, how to talk about a brand industry insight



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