for a long time did not come to the webmaster network, recently more busy, no time to send articles. Below I write the article is completely true, not hype is not want to cheat flow. We like the support, do not like not to step on the good.

early period of time to sell a domain name, that is, before I wrote the article, Baidu 1 days of the domain name. Really do not want to give up a bit, but the domain name used to do the forum, and not suitable for me, so simply sold, to do a forum to play. In an hour before the forum, I think, what are the most popular? But Wangzhuan Wangzhuan forum like bullshit?. How do. Finally I think, is QQ, then immediately to the domain name registration, QQ1~QQ200 has tried all the domain name is registered, and then intend to register the QQ317 hand, wrong by the results of QQ318., is not registered, I quickly pay registration, immediately set up forums, on the same day, on the well section, the basic ready. What is not what SEO tube. Optimize the page, what to do, how to do? I do not understand, then do not do.

use the topic of QQ, to promote their own forum. We used the common methods to promote, but the intensity of propaganda a bit abnormal ~ but metamorphosis does not matter, the most important or practical. Write a 318 network technology forum, welcome you to die without you ““““ like these. Do not look small, often because of your publicity is too arrogant statements, people ignore you. After 2 hours of publicity, I looked at the forum, I can not believe that it is my network of Technology Forum ~ ~ the number of online 60. More than and 30 registered members, I looked at, the effect appeared, I have to send some actual use in the post, and then immediately start, hair accessories, what good software, what a good tutorial, are issued, and then add a promotion plugin, I reached the 160IP Forum on the same day (when it started advertising is 9 o’clock in the evening). QQ group also opened a new 80 people. The second day, someone began to promote the good software, coupled with his hair more than the quality of posts, plus a 318 network technology forum to engage in activities, T floor, wow ~ ~ shock death…. On the third day, I IP to reach 440+.


method is unique, not many people will open a new forum what are not to get publicity, but also the success of the ~ ~ it seems that this than the last 1 days Baidu also included lucky ~ I SEO what, what I will not do optimization, like other webmaster, rely on SEO to learn stand up, such as Baidu? Then starve to death, let Baidu come to you ~ ~ ~ ~ now, the forum has opened a few days, the search engine has been not included, I do not care, he is not included, I have not included the flow, I collected better, more traffic, this is all the better, why to see Baidu face to


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