debut two years younger, low level, can only achieve this result, now write their own experience to discuss with you


first step: Forum program selection

I love DZ, feeling really powerful! Love is PW, you can generate static! Don’t love network, the feeling is too colorful, flashy without substance


second step: Forum positioning

I didn’t fix the forum. Today, the forum is still three months old (I know some people don’t understand, but this is part of my plan!)

third step: content

forum No location, so the content quite complicated! One day early, I collected more than 10 thousand themes, later every day 20 post manual update


collected by the train, feeling very good! The manual update mainly to the following websites: Baidu billboard, Qihoo, with easy


fourth step: publicity

(cheating method I basically will, also be K stand, don’t write out!)

Baidu included less early, low level of the site, other search included very slow, only about 300 per day traffic!

so I chose the Baidu post bar, in fact, very simple, AD to each other for the principle of


I made a movie download, there is thunder, FTP, BT and other means, I have to find the film Post Bar, Post Bar, released the content well, there is still, the film is introduced, finally,

download, of course is your web site, you see this post is not removed, so the station was built, a few days after 1500IP/ days.

will flow

fifth step: put ad

1, GG: application to close the forum when the copyright content of the page, apply for the past, basically 1000IP=1 knife, put the location and color is very particular about;

2, click on the class, very little, put two days to take out;

3, lead free registration, okay, one day 2~3 block;

so that the stability of the flow of the method is very simple, hard work can be more careful, think about your site to visit your people to convey what kind of information, what kind of value!

finally, I made a few low-level mistakes, leading to the development of the site was blocked


1, data loss, our small owners, rent servers, occasionally for space, space for each version of the software is not the same, import DZ data will appear garbled is like, very annoying, so I’m angry to website

data deleted completely, equal to the new open a forum, leading to the old members of the whole loss, PV serious decline!

2, with the wrong people, moderators, must use the ultra edition, responsible person, otherwise serious consequences of


3, the forum has some popularity, members will attack each other cliques, >

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