remember in the [copy evolution] 3 steps to quickly optimize your copy, the president mentioned a little bit, that is, away from bad Street copywriting

was the president and did not elaborate, how can not copy from the rotten street? But I didn’t want to kick up a cloud of dust, see this section

although the ancients said: "the article Tiancheng, hand puppet", but as the Internet becomes more and more developed, to copy the novice, the situation is "the Internet, hand change change change"

president also acknowledged that since there is a good case in, change is a shortcut to

one copy

, for example, to see a good copy is written


(calling for everyone to come out to play, and now, vision will be more open)

for a wine product, can completely change the version of


(call everyone to drink, indulge, ideas will be more flexible)

look, such a change, but also to change a fairly good copy

but turned to make things smooth smooth, this kind of writing, only in words of imitation, and not from the strategic level to do any thinking (for example, this wine is my fiction, let alone to do market analysis)

it is written, new mask blank


, think this is a very dangerous thing, as in the previous article [copy] "Revelation" good copy those routines, the president repeatedly remind you that those routines just copy the methods of operation, rather than copy the direction of


president recently has not updated the article, but also in thinking about this question: how fast start from the strategy, to write a new copy of the


give me the following answer


from "Lonely Nine Sword", get inspiration

in the Jin Yong masterpiece "The Legendary Swordsman" in Linghu Chong, the acquisition of "Lonely Nine Sword", breaking the world martial arts


investigate the reason is that there is no recruit wins recruit

Linghu Chong in the martial arts world, no matter how awesome the sword faction, have their own sword moves

knowledgeable people not look, you can see the "Huashan sword" or "Songshan sword"

and Lonely Nine Sword, is the use of this point

"day wind Taishi tertiary teaching, said the world martial arts, mysterious, enduring, the myriads of changes, regardless of other.

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