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" to cut down trees to harvest crops

Carle · Pope once said: "life is to solve the problem", it is said is right. In our life, we always solve problems, such as eating, sleeping, learning and working…… So the solution to the problem itself has become a problem to be solved and very valuable, improve the ability to solve the problem is of great significance to us. German Dietrich · Delna "theme" the logic of failure is how to solve the problem ", this thin book" small but complete ", introduces the general steps to solve the problem, it is worth a look. Below I combined with this book and their own experience, to talk about the general solution to the problem.

is the first step to solve the problem.

this step tends to be neglected, that is because "the problem is make an unnecessary move, put in there, so many people to skip this step, directly to solve, the results are mostly poor results; the reason, often ignore the problem of understanding. For example, hear someone say "requires a higher quality of life", we should ask, "what is the higher quality of life"? Is the traffic situation better, or more commercial or recreational facilities, and more prosperous, the school is more popular? So far, there is no clear answer to these questions, but it is clear that the status quo is not satisfactory.

so what really needs to be done is to set the goal clearly on the basis of understanding the situation. This truth seems simple, it is not the case, many people are not willing to go to find the real answer, but relatively free to find a target: in the face of "higher quality of life", some people will be based on their own experience, that this is most probably it did not actually happen Education resources is not enough, so great effort rectification of Education — in fact, people who do this does not solve the real problem, only in accordance with their ability to solve their most familiar and most difficult problem, and "think" this is the real problem.

more realistic examples come from work. The boss is not satisfied with a product for you to solve, how do you do? A lot of people engaged in professional work, despite the professional ability is good, but often confused about where the problem. So the technology is taken for granted that the problem is to solve the technical problem, the product is taken for granted that the problem is to solve the product…… The real reason may be that the boss hears a customer’s complaints about the product, even if the customer’s complaint is not reasonable. If you don’t know these problems to go through, it’s often a thankless task.

The second step for

to solve the problem is to recognize the problem.

The difference between

and identify the problem of understanding problems lies in understanding problems, just see exactly one point, identify the problem from this point radiate, linked to the more comprehensive and profound content. For example, someone received the boss’s curse, not mind >

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