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the webmaster is no revenue station webmaster, vulgar is the dumpster. In fact, you think of as a webmaster, a technical information, two (do the webmaster is at the forefront of the times, a group of information most quickly) but why there are still so many people do not earn money? I am also a rookie pole of the garbage station, feeling a month with a little power to thousand dollars a month. As long as you meet the following simple requirements, and in my way, to ensure that you can make money.

of course, big money may not be able to earn, but at least enough space domain name and electricity bills. First you must meet the following points:

1, you must be familiar with the most basic HTML, if you do not even understand the HTML code you simply can not count on the webmaster, not even rookie.

2, you must be familiar with any one of the cms. if you have the ability to write their own procedures, you also use me to teach you to make money, familiar with a CMS program, so you can easily do a simple imitation of the template.

3, more than 3 space and domain name. The garbage station is by the "quantity" to make money, station tens of thousands a day IP we do not do, but one day hundreds of IP or an easy job to do things, so much so several hundreds of IP garbage station, near the thousands of IP


well, if you meet the above 3 points, you can start making money.

below is my own way to make money:

on the network is now a popular keyword site, this station is simple, easy to collect content, IP faster. Simple imitation or design a set of templates, and then collect the content on the line. Here is a collection of skills, according to a certain way to collect not only included fast and deleted the opportunity is very small. Please pay attention to the skills of the acquisition of my next article "network acquisition techniques".

line still remember to update every day, here is a skill, you collect a lot of articles, but don’t leave a portion of audit or not, every day after the audit, this can also achieve the purpose of updating. Of course, the site is necessary to generate html. And the information collected in 3000 or more than 1000.

and each big forum site to do propaganda, regardless of what, as long as the high flow, high ranking, can of course do not directly publicity, advertising links, you can check online or hot fresh information every day, to various websites, the forum again, connecting with the idea. This is a small chance of being deleted.

generally no accident, 3 to 5 days Google and Yahoo included, about 12 days Baidu included. Every day there are one hundred or two hundred natural ip.

, however, with you again the appropriate point to connect the exchange, publicity everywhere, friends, etc., about ten days to do hundreds of IP should not be difficult. At this point you can put some advertising, recommend the first

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