we all know that the plastic surgery hospital network marketing, competition in full swing. Especially the first tier and second tier city can be regarded as a "rush" market. The cosmetic surgery hospital why so hard rush? There are two reasons: first, the cosmetic industry is an emerging and promising market before the shadow of the industry, who will continue to occupy the market, who can do a good market reputation, who is the boss of the future of the brand industry; second, the plastic industry profits, this is the other all departments can not be compared. The reasons for the plastic surgery hospital network marketing hot phenomenon.

we look at the plastic surgery hospital market. One is to take the brand Lai, the other is the main push of experts or therapy. In fact, no matter what way to promote, focus on the effect, that is, the output of profit. Now on the three line of the city, but also gradually from the Department of gynaecology or other types of transformation to plastic surgery hospital. But the difference between input and output is still quite large. The input and output is roughly divided into three groups: group A, professional brand marketing, the input / output was more than 1:15, the hospital is the most money, the real future is a leader in cosmetic line; middle power B, plastic industry, put / output of 1:10, so the hospital professional promotion. C, just to test the water or just put plastic industry: the input / output of about 1:5, so the hospital’s life in two, is a rapid development, find the entire table industry marketing theme quickly, into the plastic industry, another is the development for marketing theme is not clear, can not grasp the key points, network promotion implementation is not in place, and finally causes fetal death in the bag.

flying above simple to analyze the beauty of the hospital network marketing network marketing prospects, and plastic surgery hospital market classification. The following key to tell you about the beauty of the hospital network marketing. Plastic surgery hospital marketing, can be divided into three forms of network marketing:

1, PPC is click to pay: like Baidu and Google keyword advertising AdWords (Google) promotion and Sogou, Youdao, soso, etc.. These search engines click pay marketing, accounting for 50% of the current network marketing. In particular, Baidu, in the Chinese mainland market share of 80%, while Baidu bidding, accounting for more than 80% of plastic and cosmetic industry online advertising investment, or even higher proportion. Because everyone from advertising analysis, can produce high returns, only Baidu. Like some display advertising or advertising industry portal, in addition to ask or Xunyi, full of chicken ribs, tasteless but wasteful to discard


2, plastic surgery hospital network marketing of the two – Search Engine Optimization (SEO). We know that the rise of SEO, causing the fusion to the industry, even if one does not understand technology do not understand HTML or PHP, ASP scripts, as long as you work hard to learn to try, you can ride the SEO, at a low cost in exchange for high returns. Plastic surgery hospital optimization is even more so, just a hospital there are dozens of sites to invest in different sites to optimize the different

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