1 (PR) before the update of the data collection time:

            for this time can not be very accurate grasp, is just a speculation, but there are still realistic basis. From the observation of several websites on my personal and company, I got a PR update before the deadline to collect data, is about in the middle of February. According to (you can also order to speculate on your site): in my website and more than two pages for PR 0. The vast majority of these PR pages are in the middle of February after the upload or the establishment of the 0; to prove the PR update before the deadline to collect data to help. Since the deadline for collecting data before the PR update is known. So, we can speculate that the deadline should be the next PR update before the data is collected in mid February after the PR refresh (display update results) time may be in the middle of May (because the refresh googleguys had suggested the new algorithm adjusted PR (display update results) will probably be once a quarter).

        A: the quality of incoming links and the number of incoming links (chain website PR and the number of links, etc.) but as everyone knows.
        B:Google included a web page number (personally think that is a key factor)

        is the same as the PR value chain into the number and page number included decision. Then we will address these two factors on the website accordingly.
        A: when the link we have to be very careful, must not be in the low quality of self-help links (or most called link farms) on the link, which is not only for improving the PR did not help, it is likely you will be punished.
        B: in the face of self-help links, you should look at the quality of the site of the first, second is the outgoing links of quality is the number, whether there exists a repeat domain with multiple external links. If so, it would prove that this self-help link is not through any nuclear, extremely dangerous! There are a lot of self-help links similar to the directory, this is the first choice, because the station will be submitted to the site after the application of the core, which is a guarantee for you.
        C: exchange links with some strategies:

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