advertising company divided into many categories, a professional design company, design company, professional VI design company, and professional Outdoor Advertising Company, have seen one search scheme of network marketing advertising company, but does not know that every kind of advertising is different, the scheme is not the same, say you want to build a website, need for "network company", but the network is divided into many categories, such as "Lan wiring, installation" network overall planning, construction site ", although called" network company ", but the service is different, so the first suggested that if you in the network to find the corresponding marketing plan, must according to the service, rather than according to the type of company.

network marketing plan focusing on the details, some people may say ‘blind white live, are all the same, just want more money, but not in any competition so a little difference.

first, Outdoor Advertising Company network marketing feasibility analysis

any Outdoor Advertising Company services to customers nationwide, and even the whole world, any one brand, unless there is hatred will not do it, Mandaijie distribute leaflets marketing is not the right way, if you want to make such a wide range of customers to find you, a wide range of use and low cost characteristics the network is very appropriate, if it is strong, can through the newspapers and television, according to the current understanding of the Outdoor Advertising Company rarely take this way.

two, to establish their own official website, to prepare for other ways to promote

is the first to have an official web site, the URL printed on the name card or hit the billboard on their own, more conducive to investment, to allow potential customers to understand the business and the general situation of the company through the website, the website design certainly need some high-grade, this will further enhance the company’s position in the minds of customers. Baidu know and soft Wen promotion also need the enterprise must have their own web site, attached to other large web site below, will give people a kind of informal feeling, also can affect the trust of customers.

three, Baidu promotion, bidding and natural ranking

Baidu PPC is the priority among priorities, if the customer wants, can recommend this kind of way, but just as some from the company, PPC is a relatively high cost, the second Baidu ranking, the effect is not less than the cost of PPC, will have more control. The cost will be relatively low.

four, the use of large sites of high weight, get the first time ranked

large website registration, at present large sites, the media resource network effect is good, support business shop and free, the promotion effect is quite good, business shop opened on the second day, the search for relevant keywords, ranking has to the Baidu home page, he large website as long as the support of businesses and stores, can also go to register, after all will come out a propaganda window of their own, let the customer more channels to find you.


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