news November 7th, the day before the Tissot watch refers to Groupon selling fake Tissot issue, Gaopeng today issued a statement that the sale was indeed fake Tissot, things because of business cooperation (Tianjin gold trade three) to provide false proxy information, said consumers buy off the table in addition to refund may obtain 200 yuan compensation. (Wen Gao)

the following is the text of the statement:


of Tissot after further investigation, found the Gaopeng business cooperation, Tianjin City gold three trading company, providing false information to the agent qualification mark. Fraud using false agent qualification information is Gaopeng intolerable. In this regard, Gaopeng outrage, and launched the report and legal procedures, hope that through legal means should protect the rights and interests of consumers and gaopeng.

at the same time, we have also seen in the media business management (Shanghai) Co., ltd.. We also attach great importance to this. We are actively working with the agency to communicate in order to help obtain official evidence of the authenticity of the table.

in view of the business qualification fraud, and the official statement of the business Tissot supply, Gaopeng decided, in addition to all involved in the Tissot group purchase consumers provide a full refund, will also provide additional compensation for them. Participate in the purchase of all consumers will receive another $200 in cash; has received a watch and returned consumers will receive an additional $200 in cash compensation.

for this, Gaopeng also set up a special hotline mail: [email protected] " > [email protected] We are invited to participate in the group, and there is any doubt consumers through the mailbox and contact us. Please indicate your contact information and current status (whether delivery, buy code, etc.) so that we can contact you at the first time.

this event also exposed our quality inspection staff in the process of inspection of the merchants have dereliction of duty, we will seriously deal with the relevant personnel. Gaopeng will take this as a warning, to further optimize our quality inspection system, to maximize the protection of the interests of consumers.

Gaopeng has always attached great importance to the integrity of partners, and that partners with integrity, to provide the best experience for the consumer group purchase. Gaopeng for the event to apologize for the inconvenience consumers, we also welcome to consumers and the media as in the past Gaopeng supervision and suggestion.

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