a newcomer to the Internet is often not a place to learn or teaching materials are not enough, but the ability to perform with the mentality.

read as reading a book, I remember in just the basic network in the United States when a friend gave me a "lost classic" to get rich. First of all, this is a good friend, he had participated in the SEO teacher Wang Tong training, and now studying in the United states. There is nothing to discredit him.

as a result of access to the network is to understand from the other side of the contact, there is a long time to earn 600 this book. And that is free of charge and no care is still in the u-disk.

until slowly, I get more and more confused. At the beginning there was nothing to do, and the information was collected. I found that I have been wrong, missed.

earned 600 in the day to understand the big brother mentioned his mentality, as well as ways to do things, as well as their own experience. Understand brother himself also said that this is his most proud of a work.

is the following I read the day to earn 600, I know useful notes to share with you:

section 2-6: pay the story:

asked: the poor and the rich to eat together, who should pay the bill?


should be poor because of the poor to buy a single lady will respect the poor, will even take the initiative to help the poor, as long as the lady wants to help the poor, we can easily change the fate of the poor.

knot: do anything, we must learn to pay first, the weaker the month to pay, the poor and the rich to eat together, the poor should pay the most, the poor pay. Buy buy dignity, equality, and is an investment, the rich will not accept the gift of the poor, so will give a higher return, pay just a detail, I have to pay is to cultivate the mind, do anything, have to learn to give.

section 3-5: learn to pay


asked: are you affected by the old Chen? "On the first pay" ease the marketing theory of


answer: only their own experience, it is possible to grasp and comprehend.

to say how much I paid is not generous, instead, that I was very selfish, I am selfish to get, so I have to pay, I in order to get more return, I have to pay, I is for myself, only to pay.

section 3-6: Taobao


focus on finishing:

The secret of

1’s success in an industry is to find someone who has done a lot of work in the industry, and then take his experience, copy his experience, you can succeed.

2 if you don’t do a good job, you can give up the market, because everyone else is selling something bad

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