once a year "double eleven" is only a week, in addition to Tmall, other electricity providers such as Jingdong, Suning, Gome and other well-known business platform is also actively preparing for the double eleven, double eleven big promotion in the face of dazzling, consumers probably already shopping cart heart mind at a tight commodity, only two the eleven day zero open grab, the battle will be triggered at any moment. Your buddies are "loaded", the key moment, Alipay, WeChat, online banking wallet payment instruments can not be a little


major electricity supplier war double eleven

eleven as a major business platform for the flow, users and sales annual fighting drama, in addition to Tmall, of course, other platforms are actively preparing for the eager for a fight.

Tmall, you love open PC or APP end shopping at Tmall friends certainly can see grab red activities such as, in addition to distributing billion yuan red envelope, Tmall and Hunan satellite TV will also jointly organized the "Tmall 2015 double 11 carnival night party on the evening of November 10th, in addition, Ali will jointly Suning, Yintai in the country within the line and online shopping consumer internet.

Jingdong, in addition to the release of a lot of IOUS coupons, coupons and other third party flagship store in 2~10, according to the categories such as mobile phone, household appliances, such as maternal and child daily set up a special channel, but also brings together most of the brand’s flagship store flagship store, self promotional pages in the big feast activities, also on the 12 day there. Promotional activities.

The United States currently only

main venue opener launched 6 times every day, each category is the main overseas purchase seckill; Amazon, including special offer and seckill activities summary; and No. 1 shop at the double 11 activity is "really genuine commitment to 50 percent off", with real action against "rose after the first drop" unreal.

electricity supplier Two Major League showdown

preparing for this year, double eleven big move undoubtedly Ali + Suning and Jingdong + Tencent, the alliance of the top two electricity supplier. As of this year’s electricity supplier integration, leveraging more frequently, the first is Ali, Suning cross holdings, followed by Tencent shares of the Jingdong to create product business platform.

"in the Internet environment, on the one hand to the intermediary, big data is the trend of the times, Taobao Tmall as a platform to receive commission business trend gone for ever," longitudinal Sok Wang said, "in addition, in the mobile Internet era, segments are to carve up the world’s, even giant is also afraid of winter, in actively Baotuan heating, only stronger, will conform to the new era to create value for the consumer demand"


from the electricity supplier internal pattern, Ali as the first domestic business platform itself is suppressed by the Jingdong, while Suning competitors are Jingdong, then the Jingdong joint Ali is undoubtedly a powerful combination, in this case, if there is no Jingdong alliance action, I’m afraid second business platform position is not guaranteed, and the Tencent’s the WeChat, QQ, video games and other applications, almost.

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