reporter from Dangdang to buy 3 pieces of Casio, together with Mr. Lee to buy the watch together rushed to the Casio Inc for identification. After the official inspection of the Casio Inc, 4 watches were actually all fake Casio.


on the outer packing box marked on the number is 5126, and the back of the watch movement number is 5118. has sent a message to Mr. Li, in this message to Mr. Li to provide a return and warranty service calls, but when Mr. Li dialed the phone, but found that the phone has been shut down.

to create a high quality of life, welcome to watch the weekly quality report. Now online shopping because of fast, convenient, has become more and more popular form of shopping, and with the constant rise of online shopping, some problems are more and more worthy of our attention. But in many shopping sites hit "zero profit" and "high rebate", "low" and other people thump advertisements when we found that behind these attractive publicity, is actually hidden secret.

recently, Mr. Lee found in Beijing, he recently bought a piece of Casio Dangdang is always a problem, these problems make Mr. Lee distressed.

Beijing consumer Lee: it has a 24 hour small dial, is not moving. For example, it is now 1 points, the pointer should be at the point of 13, it is above the top of the 13 points, you like the 2 point is the point of 14, it did not turn, it was not moving, I always see the table when it does not move.

after a number of debugging, Mr. Lee this Casio problem has not been effectively resolved, which can not help but let Mr. Lee on the purchase of the authenticity of the watch from Dangdang has questioned.

Mr. Li told us that he is the Casio model is EF-543D-1A, in April of this year to buy from Dangdang online, it will choose to buy the watch in Dangdang online, the main reason is because the online price is very cheap. The original price of more than 2000 yuan of watches, was playing on the Dangdang 73% off, priced at only $568.

Beijing consumers Lee: I see this table is very good, very good-looking, discount is also quite a lot, I think the economic benefits.

just bought a watch because there is a problem, but always repair is not good, to think back the watch cheap price, Mr. Li began to suspect that the purchase from Dangdang online Casio’s authenticity. With this question, Mr. Lee and Dangdang staff made contact.

Beijing consumer Lee: then I call to ask Dangdang, I say you this

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