Mid Autumn Festival to send what? Mid Autumn Festival to buy what? Gome online to help you solve the "Mid Autumn Festival" one-stop shopping problem! From August 29th to September 4th, the United States online reunion benefits to promote the start. Within 6 days of the sale of goods as low as 70 percent off. The promotional activities focus on the introduction of moon cake, wine, crabs, health products, baby supplies and many daily necessities such as Mid Autumn Festival gift gift.


Hongkong old moon cake 49.8 yuan package

a pound loaded, gift boxes, gift a face, they eat is also cost-effective! The explosion area provides four brand moon cake prices are at a record low, such as Hongkong time-honored Jin Xuanbao boutique 580g moon cake gift box shipping price 49.8 yuan, the gorgeous moon 680g Mid Autumn Festival gift box priced at 69 yuan, gold KCR mooncakes Mid Autumn Festival gift 1000g Wu Ren Jin leg pie 168 yuan, only three explosion products can shock the whole electric moon cake sales market. In addition, the United States is still online promotional special offers other cakes, moon cakes in high-end gifts, more young people meet the characteristics of Haagen Dazs ice cream moon cake fashion choice.

99 yuan 8 crab gift real benefits

the explosion products, autumn Liyang eight Yangcheng Lake hairy crabs only 99 yuan is the most attracting consumers highlights. Now is the lake Yangcheng Lake hairy crabs season, delicious natural attracted numerous fans, "chowhound" chela sealing nenyu, convex shell red fat ", think of this, I got the promotion human DC slobber! Fresh origin for the Yangcheng Lake hairy crabs issued the same day delivery, the day of fishing. Female crab 4, male crab, only in the amount of 1.9-2.0 between two, 2.8-3.0 between the two. Crabs promotional concert, also provide more coupons and commodities, affordable, convenient delivery. Mid Autumn Festival approaching, the United States online this affordable crab gift must not be missed!

wine invitation toast

wine, vintage is an indispensable ring mid autumn festival. In the "reunion benefit promotion, high-end air quality promotional wine for holiday gifts group provides a variety of choice! 50 degrees gujinggong two bottles of 172 yuan, 53 degrees Moutai welcome wine 6 bottles of Maotai liquor 299 yuan, 52 degree cellar age of 60 years Luzhou Lao Jiao 179 yuan, send their elders, send friends are very suitable for. The leather packing French Louis Lafite is more high-end red, 2 pack only 106 yuan price is easy to bear. If these can not meet the level of your gifts, Moutai, Wuliangye and other big name is still drunk area waiting for you. If the family happy moment everyone tasting moon more affordable, and wine available.

the Mid Autumn Festival is the United States and the United States online promotion of the United States online ecosystem again try. Currently, in addition to proprietary business, the United States in the online platform, virtual products, tourism, finance, culture and other aspects of the industry has begun to prepare and layout. In the future, the United States and the United States online ecosystem will gradually form, disappear >

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