recently, we noticed some interesting signs, the content of tide, a giant in the layout, Ali did not say, the layout of the content is too much, the Jingdong made a discovery channel, Suning youth community channel, then consider the recent Macedonian speculation about content providers, large coffee net (thought and the relationship between new media, business incubator molested location of a class) think it is worth pondering.


, a series of artillery

Xiao Shu


No matter

Ali and Jingdong and other business tycoon seem limitless scenery, a harsh reality has been quietly approaching: with the flow of dividends China Internet population explosion is about to end. It is no exaggeration to say that an era has passed, the new consumer ecology is being formed, in the past, the effectiveness of business logic may be becoming a hindrance now. The wind at the end of Qingping, Internet Co knows a truth, Bo Yan dying suddenly, in order to cope with the ecological core changes, the electricity supplier who will have eyes on the content of the electricity supplier". The content of electricity providers in recent years is booming, the traditional sense of the content providers refers to content via the Internet tools or community, access to fans, to expand the commodity sales business. Typical cases as the main UGC content of sun’s little red book, North American money letters; the main broadcast global flagship PGC

paramita purchase;

shopping guide content list, excellent set of goods, need, beautiful said HIGO; from the media Luo thinking, Wu Xiaobo channel and some super net red, etc..

of course, the electricity supplier arena on any wind sways grass all cannot do without the discernment of Ali and Ali, Ali’s Micro Amoy soon found "," Taobao headlines "and" must buy list "and" good "and" love shop "," hot market "," I will, "the daily Daily" good shop "column on the line. At the same time, the Jingdong also put content and community consultation attribute "found" on the bottom navigation bar in a prominent position.

can say so, do electricity providers are doing content, do content in the electricity supplier.

why do we respond to the content of electricity supplier so strongly on the one hand is to invest in the future, on the one hand is also a kind of helpless.

content electricity supplier rise logic

content of the rise of the electricity supplier has a lot of external and internal factors, the social type of electricity supplier, the traditional electricity supplier in the ecological environment, some of the long tail of valuable products difficult to match with consumers.

traffic was 20% head of business shop to carve up the light of day. If the Internet flow like a river, like a business content of man-made tributaries, some vertical class electricity supplier was able to rely on these tributaries "struggling".

for the media from the body of the electricity supplier, since the media is the first to solve the problem of liquidation, the letter of the Internet

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