ads or political statements? The Internet is divided again.


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has gone through 50 years of super bowl, is no longer a simple entertainment and Sports Carnival feast, the brand is no longer satisfied in the ad to make you happy, but to tell the audience a heavy story.


Super Bowl ad

is particularly special this year — a fierce confrontation between President Trump’s immigration policies and the political and cultural divisions of the American society. How will marketers respond to each political group’s supporters when they are in high spirits and divided?

describes the founder is thick and hard pioneer, inspirational brand story usually. However, in the United States, it may lead to different interpretations. This year, Budweiser’s Super Bowl advertising, tells the story of Budweiser’s co-founder Adolphus Busch from Germany to the struggle of the United States, not what is different at first glance and the American dream story hackneyed and stereotyped expressions, but after Trump announced for Muslim countries immigration ban, all are not the same.

welcome to the United States, "here do not welcome you, go back to their homes," the lines, it seems to have a more profound political implications. Many people believe that this is the irony of the current U.S. immigration environment.

although the ad was planned in October last year, before Trump became president, and Budweiser stressed that it has nothing to do with the political climate of the United States today, but the audience did not think so.

in many of its negative reviews, many viewers believe that a beer brand should not be politically endorsed. Especially in the opinion of the president’s supporters, it is foolish to confuse immigrants with illegal immigrants.


Youtube user comments pictures translation from micro-blog users @ Pigeon Club


Youtube user comments pictures translation from micro-blog users @ Pigeon Club


Youtube user comments pictures translation from micro-blog users @ Pigeon Club

however this is not a Budweiser prompted by a sudden impulse. It has always been the love shape "three straight" brand image, such as the Super Bowl in 2009, Budweiser is a few mark one of the 911 brands. The beginning of 2011, Budweiser packaging will link up — and the National Memorial Day in the United States, the United States launched a National Day flag, Statue of Liberty packaging, even in the U.S. presidential election last year, the name >

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