sometimes I often ask myself: SEO to what extent is successful? When this problem arises in the mind, followed by "website home page, key words flow, the user experience is high" and other indicators, but then I was rejected by, if it is to profit as the goal, I these indicators are not successful. But two words: Marketing!


once a leader said to me, "if your work doesn’t bring direct benefits to the company, your salary will never be high.".

there is a saying "good wine is not afraid of deep alley, in this era of freedom of speech on the Internet, this sentence can be said to have not a compliment, in advertising," get in by every opening situation, very few people do this. When you once thought you could use a good reputation, good service to attract customers, others would have tied the "tree", has been pulling Hello far starting point, because "Great trees are good for shade".

said so much, in fact, I just want to lead the importance of network marketing, and do good marketing network I think should have five points. This is what I want to say: the five step of network marketing, careful and meticulous success!

1 cognitive

cognitive means that the user’s potential to know, know you, for the time being explained to know. For example, two personal selling apples, one of them said "my sweet and crisp apple", a "the apple is not only sweet and crisp, more beauty", which one will you choose? Even if the user does not choose you, will look at your eyes, he will think: what your apple than others can beauty? You can also be called attraction, in short, should cause the attention of the customer, whether your impression is good or bad, let him eat a meal in the bed can remember you, but it is the best, of course, from our own, to the product or service to do the best.

2 understand

well, customers have questions for you, he said: your apple why beauty? This time you can like him to introduce your products, including your service, customers may also don’t want to have your product, but he began to try to understand you, this is the first step. This step is needless to say, but to comply with a standard, to make your product for the description, don’t talk, don’t make money in order to talk rapidly, apple is apple, can be beauty, but will not have the chicken


3 interactive

from the user experience, and interaction between customers will be very helpful to promote their products. When he is questioning your apple is really sweet and crisp, you said: or a free?. The customer may not bite, because he is going to buy a few pounds. Like I’m optimizing, we’re one

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