due to the outbreak of financial crisis in 2008, affected the survival and development of all walks of life, in all walks of life to do battle with the financial crisis, also have suffered different degrees of combat, to make it into a long time of the downturn, in fact, to get out of this trough, JUE giant network marketing expert said: "this is just a a matter of time", in this period has important significance of huge word-of-mouth marketing


enterprises want to occupy a space for one person in the fierce market competition, retain the hearts of consumers, enterprises have to must realize from the "Chinese manufacturing" to "create China", only through independent research and development, independent innovation, thus forming its own brand. This requires not only the enterprise itself has great strength, but also need to put more effort, in addition to product quality in the fierce efforts to make the product was cute, high quality flowers, also need to have a strategy in the word-of-mouth marketing in today’s society! "Wine is also afraid of deep alley Kazakhstan"

word-of-mouth marketing is an effective means to lead customers to use all kinds of enterprises, enterprise products, services and enterprise overall image talk and exchange, and motivate customers to introduce and recommend the marketing mode and process to people around them.

word of mouth marketing thinking mode:

, everything in good faith as the basis, do not shirk responsibility: if you want to achieve the purpose of word-of-mouth marketing and not sincere, such enterprise or individual word-of-mouth marketing work cannot be progress, to effectively stop the negative information, and not only be counterproductive, crisis handling skills is not to cover up the fact that but the real situation is to clarify the facts, to eliminate misunderstanding, stop shaking, and lost the significance of word of mouth.

when a new product launch, experience from consumers know to be familiar with, that would be a very long process, the enterprise should have such an understanding of the time to the consumer, and must allow consumers to make their own decisions: "this product is worth consumers to see?" consumers will only transfer, they think it is worth to tell friends, product value is the enterprise foothold in the market permits, "reputation" premise is trustworthy, and there is something real value.

two, play the magic word of mouth, and expand the brand influence: when the product was recognized by the consumer experience, as consumers are concerned, he is very happy to recommend it to their friends and family, is the so-called human is to have it, people in the tea after a meal, the enterprise product naturally become a topic of discussion, which virtually laid the good foundation for the reputation of their product image.

three, "make a pass ten, ten pass 100" reputation to maximize power: there is a saying: "Chinese culture Good news goes on crutches, qiuckly", this is the expression of word of mouth "word of mouth" very vivid and wonderful. Floor products consumption

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