Uber official B round of financing for yuho Chinese amount and investors hesitant, but it seems can not wait.

yesterday, Caixin reported that in the end who voted the best step in China, today, there are media to get the list of all investors in China Uber. Note that the disclosure is not the best step in China B round of investors, some of which are Uber.

9 Chinese investors to Uber $2 billion


on Monday, with excellent step in HNA Group strategic cooperation conference, Karan Nick announced some Uber from China investors: Hainan Airlines, Guangzhou Automobile Group, CITIC Group, China, Chinese Taiping life.

today disclosed the media Uber Chinese investors full list: in addition to the above 5, there are Baidu, China Vanke, Minsheng Bank and China broadband industry fund, the Baidu Inc involved in the Chinese yuho A, B two rounds of financing, and that the Uber has been China investors accumulated nearly $2 billion investment. According to reports, the investment funds will be Chinese yuho, directly for the expansion of Chinese yuho Chinese market, investors voted for Uber global funds, some will end by Uber global to Chinese yuho.

but Uber official said to the tiger sniffing, 9 total investment of $2 billion, the message is not accurate.

based on the current disclosure of the situation, in addition to the announcement of the $100 million outside the GAC, the amount of investment of other investors is unknown. Informed sources said that the amount of investment may be $200 million in Hainan Airlines, Baidu with $200 million investment.

in addition, China Pacific Investment Funds in a considerable part of the client is entrusted investment, the amount of less than $100 million investment. CITIC Group and CITIC Trust subsidiary Fidelity Fund, similarly to the information management plan into.

excellent step Chinese financing is still in doubt

It is noted that

B Chinese yuho round these companies voted not previously touted, such as China life investment is Uber.


June 2015 China yuho to start the B round of financing, failure and other negative rumors still ran through them, the dispute is mainly in the "massive subsidies" and "not at the end of their hematopoietic capacity". Although Nick Karan has said publicly that the financing has been credited $1 billion 200 million, but it didn’t seem to be able to dispel doubts.

in September last year, Bloomberg quoted market sources as saying that the global Uber to China excellent blood transfusion 300 million -5 billion U.S. dollars. According to the new financial reports, China yuho has also proposed to investors if the Uber in Chinese performance can help investors to cash, these shares can be converted into a Uber global stock (however, this statement was officially denied Uber). The competitor drops, it is directed at yuho Chinese business income >

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