micro Media Alliance (columnist Yu Chenghong) with the rapid development of the Internet era, all kinds of information spread at an alarming rate in the global scope, the ever-changing information makes the world change rapidly changes. With the development of the Internet, the network media has gradually replaced the traditional media in people’s lives. On the Internet, each account, like a small media, the forum posts, forwarding micro-blog, comment news…… Countless information, ideas, attitudes will be imported into the vast sea of the internet. Everyone, as a small media, through the Internet this special platform, to convey information around the world. At present, nearly 500 million Internet users, the efforts of the 300 million micro-blog users, since the media constantly radiate out of the huge energy of the masses.


independent access to information in all directions, the mainstream media communication. In the media age, different voices from the media in different information dissemination dominated by professional media organizations, it is dominated by the general public information dissemination activities, from the traditional "point to surface" broadcast, into a peer-to-peer communication point ". At the same time, it is also to provide individuals with information production, accumulation, sharing and dissemination of the contents of both privacy and openness of the information from the voice gradually weakened, people no longer accept being a "unified voice" to inform the right or wrong, everyone in, make a judgment of things.

from the media of the main body of the diversification of the characteristics of peaceful. Since the media subject from all walks of life, to a certain extent, they for comprehensive understanding of news events than traditional media practitioners more specific and more clear, more practical, since the media will be in recent years along with the development of the Internet and burst into such a huge energy and have such a big deterrent the traditional media.


forum, blog, micro-blog, WeChat and the emerging video website form from the media reflects the main channels for the expression of the individual users of the Internet, but with the depth of use, since the media has become increasingly obvious shortcomings. For example, micro-blog and WeChat are widely spread false rumors: "AIDS girl incident", the spirit of personal caused irreparable damage to Zhejiang; a college party secretary open house was arrested, damage to the image of the group of leading cadres; and "iodized salt radiation" rumors triggered panic buying in a short period of time. Even from the media publishing false news by people, hype themselves or others, in order to fame.

in general, as individuals vary, a personal representative of the media are uneven in quality. The number of the network from the media giant, the owners are mostly "grassroots" civilians, occult network users to the free space, so that some of the media from the excessive pursuit of the news release speed or the pursuit of hits while ignoring the authenticity of the news, which led to the spread of the media.

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