took over the operation of the Baoan people’s livelihood network ( forum channel for more than 3 months, today, I want to talk about a post, with the account of the marketing of the local life of the promotion of the quality of the portal.

is the following content:

last Sunday, the son of noisy but always going to eat the world of hunan.

half past six to follow her husband, with his son and daughter walking to the world over hunan. Way to Baoan Haiya department store, see a shop doorway stood a lot of people, all wearing a yellow T-shirt, took a look to know is a group of students to engage in activities in the.

look at their clothes are printed behind what a "Baoan people", and then I took his son ran to see what is done in the past, the original life of Baoan people get a discount card. To tell the truth, usually in the outside to buy things often encounter this card that card, too much, the number is not a few, discount is not playing much, are not interested to understand. But the son of a student sister in which the place where to eat at a discount, which toys to buy a discount, I do not want to pull away.

later in his son’s torture, spent 38 dollars to buy a card, the card can also do not like the rough street before the distribution of the dead.


around eight o’clock in the evening we had dinner at a talent Hunan world, husband very happy, drank two bottles of beer. The waiter came to pay, or son of a good memory, the waiter said: aunt, is not to take this card can be discounted? Oh, I remembered that the students said MM small meals in the world of Hunan will be discounted, I don’t care how it was, come in handy. Then the waiter said he could hit 8. 50 percent off, my mother, 225 block 8. 50 percent off, that is 191 dollars, I received a total of $190.

Oh, now think of it to me, holding 38 dollars to eat a meal card, hit 35 dollars discount, once put the money back.

listen to the student MM said that the card is used for life, I do not know is not true? Know comrades, please answer oh.

tube it, after going out to buy something to eat, and a few more than a few fold.

yes, I was to see the card on the life of the web site to come to this forum, I do not know where there are many people in the entrepreneurial Electronic City


the first post, the table at


post content finished!

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