Chinese do soft Wen promotion, Shi Yuzhu recognized second, no one dares to recognize the first. "Naobaijin" is China advertising history best soft Wen promotion.

today, I combine this case, talk about how to do soft wen. Remember, is to do soft Wen, not write soft.

melatonin produced in the China at the end of 90s, it is the decline of health care products. It is out of market, there are many bright spots in the marketing, such as product positioning in the filial piety culture, Chinese culture, gifts topic effect, many hard wide scene marketing and so on, the press table, said wen.

when we see in the newspaper ads, no "naobaijin" this product, all the publicity is "naobaijin" this thing.

below to enumerate some of the topics and articles summary to see:

"human can" ever-young "?": American "Newsweek" published a volume of melatonin. Reported naobaijin magic.

"two biological atomic bomb": at that time the world class topic dolly (clone), tied up and improve the academic status of melatonin, melatonin.

the same as the "two science feast", and the previous one soft talk about the same thing.

After 98 years of

are similar to the "ten global technology news, behind the nine is true, only ranked first naobaijin is false.

more than a series of soft, changing names in different newspapers and magazines of science and Technology Edition, but never hit hard wide, the market can not buy naobaijin.

later melatonin has started after profit, the underlying soft education market action.

"do not sleep, people can only live five days": relative to eat live for 20 days, do not drink water to live for 7 days, emphasizing the importance of sleep.

"days not quite a problem?" said: the importance of stool, defecation function of melatonin to pave the way.


": the effectiveness of the astronauts taking melatonin melatonin to improve astronauts sleep circumstantial evidence.

so the bottom of the market of education, we must ask, can the promotion expenses bear the underlying demand? Market discipline, the equivalent for the industry to do with


really had a advertising experience, You’ll see., once you warm up and media relations, commercial color is more soft, a lot can be free. As the title above several, in addition to the third, the media market staff is very easy to persuade the editor of free release. At that time, other health products are relatively low.

After a series of

soft bombing, to the question, "can’t even get even! No one else can buy such a high-tech, level and cloning technology products.

at this time Shi Yuzhu began the overwhelming propaganda.


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