has recently found more and more friends in the circle of personal brand blog, and often people ask me how to create a personal brand, personally think that this is a good phenomenon. In the previous article, many similar views I said is very important in the Internet industry personal brand, at least a little high: personal popularity means network wide, wide network means that things will be smooth, do not worry about work. Especially for personal webmaster, personal brand will become an accelerator for the development of the site. So, today, we discuss how to create a personal brand through the Internet:

a, build website

personally think that through the establishment of the site to create a personal brand, is the best way. Because this is not only the brand, and their ability to prove. Even if the site is not successful, but the experience is also valuable, these experiences will be of great benefit to our future work and career. But then again, this article is the most difficult, after all, easy to succeed, so want to go this way, you may need to master the knowledge to be more comprehensive, but also have some experience in the operation of the site. Of course, if you are proficient on the one hand, it is not impossible to master, you can find someone to build a team. But this is not the focus of today, so don’t dwell on it, so.

two, write articles

through the article to create a personal brand, is a relatively high cost of the method: the first one is simple, but the effect is less. On the specific skills to write the article, it is not discussed, focusing on a few notes.

1, the theme of the article: all articles should be written around a large theme, the theme can be a field, it can be a professional. Don’t what geography, what to write on trifles. This becomes a hodgepodge, a hodgepodge of means no, no, no theme. It is the best choice for individuals to write about their occupation, industry, or their own websites.

2, the content of the article: from the perspective of sociology, the article skills is the most easy to establish the brand content and form, because the experience is most likely to change the content of word-of-mouth readers. Followed by the review of the article, other types of bad. But the specific or according to the characteristics of each person to decide. Like me, I’m not good at writing reviews.

3, the reader positioning: many people ignore this, but this is very important, only we have a clear impact on the crowd, in order to better establish a personal brand. Personal recommendations as far as possible not to locate too high, because the more high-end crowd, the more difficult to win their recognition. But want to influence the high-end crowd, often need to own more than they want to do high-end, otherwise it is a play a big knife before guangong.

4, out of thin air trick: if not write too much, it can be considered to do interviews, such as the industry interviews, celebrity interviews, interviews and other grassroots. It should be said that this is a win-win

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