there are a lot of just contact SEO friends are more concerned about how to do a good job of SEO, do SEO what is the most critical? Why do I always do a keyword is not up, and others can do up? With these doubts and anxiety, many of my friends will rush into danger, such as the use of "link" means, these practices are not desirable! In fact, SEO is not so complicated, but we cannot underestimate its existence, the fundamental pursuit of the search engine is suitable for people’s search habits, we do not approve of the pursuit of a non normal means, in other words do SEO is to make the website for the search engine, suitable for people’s psychological; never cheat may success!

      I actually just contact SEO not long, more than 3 weeks, but I do website now in Baidu’s ranking has ranked twelfth (the 1-10 is doing promotion), I will put my experience to speak out and share with you:

      internal optimization must first do a website, the internal optimization includes: title title, meta tags, and text content and internal links, there are pictures of the ALT property, the title property of the hyperlink, minimize the use of flash, pictures, search engine is currently just text recognition, had better do a site map, the more important contents are linked, these are taken into account I think for a novice to estimate is about


      second, in the external links the site to work on, but external links can not be one-sided pursuit, this is very important, if not careful, the search engine is likely to be dropped to K, there are many ways to do external links, we can see an increase of 101 for the reverse link (download), widely link and popularity are very important, how to write the original article.

      once again please friends do not care too much about the Alexa Rankings, now this ranking is false;

      finally remind friends, the search engine update takes time, not in a hurry, huh, I was doing the Nanjing talent network rankings, time is tight first here, you have time to talk!

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