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90% brand advertising, you love the Internet celebrity was Tucao behind hand push piece burst…… In this world of product marketing, social marketing communication has been almost all promote the recognition, but is planning a free trial, or chase hot, or play activities, engage in joint marketing? With the same rich means of marketing, how are you going to play? 96 micro network thought social marketing is never the best way, only the most suitable for your money.

if you have a product or brand that has a certain reputation, you can:

choose the way of integral exchange. This is not the way for attracting new users, because the consumer appeal is low, users buy positive bias, but for the old users, has become the best means to enhance user stickiness, contribute to the promotion of the old users repeatedly buy a product to buy, old habits training has a positive effect, in addition this way, marketing for the marketing side, there is a great advantage: the cost is very low.

products joint promotion. Many shopping malls, Taobao shop in love promotions, bundled promotions, with more accurate user groups, with the joint between the mutual promotion, enhance the product attractive to users, so as to achieve the ultimate goal of marketing. This strategy is a little bit of the cost is not high, the disadvantage is that the product characteristics of the activities planning is not strong, in addition, the preparation method is not simple.

if you have a product or brand that has a lower profile, you can:

free trial marketing. The best advantage of free trial is new user acceptance is very high, the biggest drawback is the corresponding activity cost is too high, it can be the greatest degree of access to the attention of consumers, improve the product to market faster, better able to quickly improve product and brand awareness, but, in addition to higher input costs, the activity operation is not easy, the user information collection and management, still need high processing capability.

gift giving marketing. The advantage of gift marketing is to increase the new and old customers to try new products, promote the user to buy the product again, to a certain extent, also increased the attractiveness of the product. Note that in the gift link, must ensure that the quality of the gifts, send gifts at their peril, not only can improve the new and old customers to repeat purchase, but there is possibility, reduce the old users to buy gifts, in addition, there are relative to "better defect free trial": the investment cost is high.

need to pay attention to is that all of the non well-known marketing means, with the visibility of the brand can be used, but the contrary is not established.

talked about the way of marketing, there are still many novel and powerful models on the market, but only 96 push micro network that is best suited to their own, just like you want Manicure into a beauty shop, as you need to find WeChat group >

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