station: Oncoding encoding camp, on-line a week ago, Google just included a few days, yesterday a casual network promotion, in just four hours brought 200 IP, analyze and the webmaster learn together.

yesterday afternoon a chance, SNS products "Amoy quack" invitation link found in the Internet, and then activate the trial, a search on Google, there is no news about its release, then immediately realized cnBeta, so ready to send the article. 03 month 31 days in 17:08 released the SNS product "Taobao Jianghu" quietly beta. 17:20 delivery on cnbeta. 18:14 cnBeta audit: Four hours later:


brings 200 IP, far more than yesterday’s


Amoy friends to reach the upper limit of 300.


Google search Amoy Lake ranked first.


second days, a large number of reproduced on the internet. A casual posting, bring so much traffic to a budding station, it is the author of no mind.

has a few thoughts about it:

1 website promotion, original supremacy. Oncoding coding camp recently launched a series of original articles, search engine included in good condition;

2 website promotion, to "bold, but cautious, eye". "Bold": many webmaster have the experience of writing promotion, but encountered similar incidents, and believe that others must have done, not to the post station. In fact, the "Tao River Lake" early beta, and I am the only 5 o’clock in the afternoon, just hold a try attitude to the promotion, receive good results; "talk": keen observation, seize every opportunity transient. "Eye": the registration of "Tao River Lake" in cnBeta before and after delivery, less than half an hour, for the valuable time.

3 due to lack of experience and lack of preparation, the promotion is also a pity: second days though in the article reprinted, but almost no much traffic to Oncoding, there is also connected to the cnBeta, so the promotion in the future, to add links in the text, at least indicate the copyright information in the at the end, use of the advantage of network promotion so as to a greater extent.


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