is about to be a friend in the office at night to write Taobao shop junior tutorial, but I do not know how hard the brains, speak up, I do not know what to say.

thought that the thinking is not active, so let yourself relax, and tea, and listening to the music, to 1 in the morning, did not toss out, but began to doubt what will open the Taobao


back home, when trying to open the network distribution strategy research advanced tutorials and Taobao ranking optimization, marketing strategy and other intermediate course browsing, thinking is extremely active, so that can not sleep.

think of the beginning of June this year, in Huazhongnongda, who will attend graduate student graduation reply asked me, "I would like to ask questions about Taobao, is how do you sell the product


was very relaxed and very comfortable, but also feel relieved that the students caught the focus of Taobao shop, and finally not often asked the sentence: how to set up shop in Taobao?

when faced with "how to shop" in the Taobao online such problems are very worried, answer at Taobao University in detail or links directly to the past, not too polite to answer; need to register an account in Taobao, then follow the prompts to activate Alipay, apply real name authentication… Say too much, is not to say; say too general, as well as a perfunctory.

can be a good answer to Taobao shop specific problems, but it is difficult to write a good beginner tutorial. Because it can not be returned to the state when they shop in Taobao, can not recall the situation at that time, but also can not recall the problems and needs of the new shop.

is remembered, is to open the Taobao store, I admire a part-time Taobao net profit of 300 yuan a month, a friend, so I took 300 month as a target. The results of less than 1 months to make a profit of $3000, the product has been sold to the outside of the second months, has become a major customer. But the stock manufacturers began to suffer good times don’t last long, bitter.

when the store is only a product, a total of 10 patterns (at the time of Taobao title and repeat distribution execution is not strict, 10) to a pattern never together the whole (oh, to supply, is a headache for novice shop. Remember to have a total of 10 baby open shop, take the risk of repeat distribution, with a combination of baby sales, this is also the time of the part-time shop friend told me the way, ha ha). Oh, right, Taobao rule is novice shop needs most, not illegal under the shelf, delete, several points.

will be in the tutorial tomorrow:

1, source selection and project positioning: including product selection of precision analysis

2, Taobao’s most difficult to understand the rules of the terms of the resolution (think of a violation of a rule, resulting in all the baby in less than two weeks in a row on the grounds of blank for the two time)

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