buyers have two categories: reimbursement of the train ticket to the unit, want to reimburse travel expenses to earn the difference

newspaper news (reporter Xiao Guilai Intern Xiang Min) two-dimensional code, ID number, everything was a train ticket, ticket. With a lot of units have issued a deadline for the payment of bills, the network to buy a variety of invoices post lively. Recently, the reporter received a public rebellion, has a name of "old train ticket" open shop, custom, and sell expired train ticket sellers, buyers for reimbursement.

yesterday morning, the reporter in the Taobao search bar type reimbursement train entries, then the web page out of 29 sellers selling train tickets. "October 26th Guangzhou to Hankou old sleeper train ticket?" the reporter points to open the 210 the seller "blue small shop", with the customer to chat up. "There." The shopkeeper replied without hesitation. The expenses can go? "" high imitation for special." After bargaining, the owner said he would be willing to the face value of 350.5 yuan for a sleeper ticket to sell a $30.

reporter to see the 29 train ticket selling custom shop, found that in addition to three stores have sales, the other 26 of the sales record for 0, three sellers sales, a only single digit, the other two are respectively 614, 740.

reporter browse shop sales records, found that most buyers have only bought a ticket, only a few people to buy a one-time 2~4 tickets.

and several shopkeepers chat, the reporter learned that, in their store to buy old train ticket buyers are mainly two types: one is at the end of the unit need invoices for reimbursement, the old train ticket as reimbursement vouchers naturally have sales, there is one train hard seat travel reimbursement, in order to earn the difference. Buy a sleeper ticket from the Internet, reimbursement of money.

customer service also reminded that the custom expired train tickets can not be taken away, because the two-dimensional code on the ticket does not support inspection. If it is a very strict investigation of the company, it is not recommended to take reimbursement.

customer service told reporters that the ticket is the source for Railway internal staff, in the outlets of offline printing, paper is really. Red train tickets can be printed offline, can also be high imitation, blue train tickets using magnetic technology, only high imitation." The customer service said.

reporter learned that, due to the railway sector on the train ticket system upgrade, the emergence of two-dimensional code to improve the security capabilities. Yesterday, the reporter sent to the customer to scan the sample and found that two-dimensional code can not be swept out the contents of the normal. However, the reporter scanned the hands of the real train tickets, but presents a number of up to 102 digits.

Railway: true ticket can see watermark

lawyer: the seller has violated the criminal law

this, the reporter interviewed the railway related personnel. Compared with reporters to share and identify their real votes out of high imitation tickets. Tickets for the tickets are in the sun

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