filed electronic commerce, before our first reaction is a typical representative of Taobao Alibaba, these B2C and B2B, but now the electricity supplier market, a sudden change in the situation behind the emergence of many new business representatives to invest large sums of new ideas, build, like in favor of integrated Jingdong, mall, in favor of professional vertical electronic business representatives Eslite, dream bazaar, looking at these old and new e-commerce predators, with huge investment to realize the concept of innovation, divide the business market cake dream, become a market to occupy their princes".

under the current market environment, there is no financial advantage, team advantage, operational advantages and even experience the advantages of a small webmaster, opportunities and where? Is it under the market rules of the game there is no small station survival and development opportunities? The answer is obviously negative, even though this is more like the sea shark also, cut off other fish chance of survival, because the relationship between them is not the opposite, when there is more mutual dependence. Therefore, as a personal webmaster, it is necessary for us to re-examine the current era we are in, such a market, from the current market structure can be found in their own use of the opportunity.

one, with the elephant dance, sharing a small share of the profits


have advantages in capital, but every now looks like the scenery no business tycoon in fact are under tremendous pressure of competition, if there is any mishap, soon be beaten by his opponent, so they are not considered in every hour and moment how to enhance their competitive strength, enhance their market share. Under this logic, the elephant who will come up with all kinds of tricks to achieve this purpose. To launch its own market alliance, attracting various websites into the union system using the alliance system, for its source to obtain promotion commission is a common practice in the electricity supplier giants currently, from Taobao union to VANCL to dream bazaar alliance alliance, which embodies the logic of competition like this. Because of lack of competition on the strength of the small webmaster, select the "elephant dance", from their cooperation in the distribution of profits, is undoubtedly an opportunity under this current market pattern is the most realistic and the most easy way.

two, with the middle strength cooperation, risk and opportunity coexist

in the electronic commerce market at present, in addition to the "giant" mentioned above, there is a very large number of "middle power", the power terminal manufacturers for product marketing in various use of e-commerce, these manufacturers haven’t some achievements in electronic commerce, and more eager to get more League promotion. The experience of small webmaster can use their own advantages in network promotion and marketing, using its own website platform or other third party platform, the use of marketing and other marketing promotion, help its product or service marketing. In cooperation with such manufacturers, as

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