, according to people familiar with the blue whale TMT revealed that four of cross-border electricity supplier maternal honey bud "executives have left, the four were: Zong Dongdong CTO, Gui Bowen O2O, general manager of cross-border business and is responsible for Du Ping Zhao Zhe, Ma m vice president of operations.


however, the turnover of honey bud "have yet to open the four executives, called the" blue whale TMT honey bud "public relations department, confirmed the four executives have been leaving.

as reason for leaving, "Honey bud" said, because the four companies in the ranks is not very high, not important personnel change, so there is no disclosure. He said, they have a clear career plan for their own, leaving no relationship with the company".

according to the honey bud aspect revealed that Zhao Zhe has now left, GUI Bowen and Du Ping are in the business, and the situation is not understood by the case of Zong Dongdong.

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