] January 28th news billion state power network, billion state power network that Shenzhen love Amoy city network Polytron Technologies Inc recently formally apply for three new board listing, its application to host the brokerage securities.  

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data show that love Amoy city in July 20, 2015 to complete share reform. Chairman Shao Zhezhan shares 29.92%, accounting for 15.71% of the shares, the board of directors Chen Dabiao Yang Bozhan, director Cheung shares 13.40% shares accounted for 10.50%, as the actual controller. Company in 2013, in 2014, 1-9 months of operating income was 57 million 349 thousand and 500 yuan, respectively, $122 million and $110 million, net profit of -782.63 million, respectively, $8 million 460 thousand and 200 and $8 million 458 thousand and 100.

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billion state power network to understand, love Amoy city was founded in July 2010, the scope of business covers many areas of electricity providers, logistics, warehousing, cross-border export, product sales to consumers through eBay, Amazon and other overseas business platform.

currently, love Amoy city is currently building an open cross-border electricity supplier service platform to provide customers with information flow, capital flow, logistics, warehousing and other solutions.