Q: what is

A: VPS is a virtual dedicated server, VPS is hosting " " revolutionary technology service, users can pay low fees, enjoy high-end servers and expensive network connection, and eliminating the need for maintenance of complex system, the independence and the overall performance of the system and without sacrifice operation.
VPS operate as independent server, all rights system. He can free the segmentation of the size of disk space, assign user permissions. It allows some enterprise users (several domain names) to share a disk space, software resources and network bandwidth, without loss of flexibility of the system operation, at the same time it allows users to " administrator " independent control of various application service of your own, truly flexible and independent.

asked: what is CPX, what is it for
A: CPX is the control panel management VPS account account. Many daily management can now use CPX to complete.CPX also provides one of the key functions of stronger network interface and e-mail mail management module in.CPX is in the VPS account under function of.CPX virtual hosting according to the model design of layered, the server administrator to create end user permissions with management domain administrator. This allows each virtual hosting users in VPS and their end users can set and control their own account

asked: how to log in and out from the Cpx
1, landing: A:
(Note: if the input domain will direct access to your website, rather than landing interface) user ID and password you type in the appropriate place.
to open the exit sign, click on the upper right corner of the.

asked: why can not normally access
A: please confirm whether it has the domain name to VPS server.

asked: does VPS support a space bound multiple domain
A: can support by the server administrator to bind to a new domain.

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