[Reuters] before the date of the state power, high-end men’s brand zero CEO Tu Chun Rong revealed to billion state power network, zero have begun to get involved in the micro business, ordinary users support low cost micro shop opened.

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billion state power network to understand, zero positioning high-end handmade shoes brands, online price in the range of 500 yuan to 1200 yuan. Prior to the micro dealer has been criticized for the problem of high prices and fakes are bound to have a greater impact on the positioning of high-end brands and shocks.

but Tu Chunrong believes that micro business represents a development trend in the future, people can make full use of social resources, through the mobile phone WeChat to open shops all over the country, including rural areas, so we should actively try. Arbitrary price and fakes can be resolved through the system. We will not charge the goods to the micro shop owner, nor will they have the right to set the price of goods."

Tu Chunrong introduction, zero of this set of WeChat distribution system and the third party service provider I answer cooperation. After the user to open micro shop distribution, synchronous distribution system all products store directly with zero official micro shop, shop shelves of goods, pricing and payment, shipping links are unified by the official micro shop background operation, consumers pay is a direct payment to zero official micro shop platform, so there is no fake problem, in order to protect the interests of users and brand.

It is reported that

, the future users enter zero public WeChat account, you can see the "I want to shop" option, the user can easily set up their own micro shop, will share the zero goods to the WeChat circle of friends and other channels, if the share links to achieve purchasing earn commissions.

and the zero based account through my answer and bind the bank, has set up the discount amount, so the transaction order, can be directly by the bank for the agents to directly return the Commission, without zero brands of accounting, very convenient.

is worth mentioning is that the official WeChat platform zero not only commodity information, and games, interactive community and news content, micro shop owner, the other can share the news information and a variety of small game, always send promotional information and avoid the offensive situation.

Tu Chunrong pointed out that WeChat micro shop Distribution in early May first set 2000 places, and temporarily set two relations of shops, micro shop first level can develop two shops, a shop can be part of the rebate commission from two level store sales. However, these shops have to produce a valid real sales store, if some stores have no sales for two or three consecutive months will be closed, the opportunity to provide to others.

addition, the zero degree of micro business system in the future, although it may be for all ordinary users, but the zero degree of micro business at the same time with the line system closely together. In 2015, zero will increase the progress of the opening of the line shop, improve the whole brand ecosystem. At the same time zero will be online and offline under the micro operator