Taobao eBay dispute, has been a long time. By now, most of the people for the success of Taobao is due to Taobao’s free beat eBay charges. Is that true,


if you pay 100 yuan can bring 1000 benefits, will you do it? But what if free are not, you will do? From these two questions, explain what the problem is, that the core is not free and pay the success of Taobao and ebay. For example, now there are free space everywhere, but few people choose to do the free space to do the station, choose the free space to do the station is a school student or amateur casual play tools. If you really can beat the toll free, then now we have to choose free space, not to pay for the space. Obviously, 99% of the owners have chosen to pay to buy space, not to find free space, because the cost of space on the speed and stability of the free space than how many times do not know.

why Taobao can beat eBay, the core lies in the Taobao to the seller to provide a greater volume of transactions, can make more money, which is eBay can not compare. So we will choose Taobao shop, rather than eBay shop. Taobao’s success is largely the success of the Taobao community, the Internet development is relatively slow, many people do not know how to sell online, and Taobao university has the obligation of education users how to shop online. At the same time let the old seller to write teaching materials to teach how to shop online, of course, the old seller to write textbooks to teach people to shop at the same time also publicize their own.

Taobao through this mechanism to continue to train new people to join Taobao shop, and eBay in the education of the new shop is much less convenient. EBay in the United States to complete the whole set to move to China, they do not understand China’s Internet users, eBay does not know how Chinese users need to learn how to shop. And Taobao just made up for this vacancy. Now in Taobao, pat, eBay three points in the world market. If you want to learn a new online shop, he would choose? More will be the choice of Taobao, because Taobao has more teaching materials to guide him how to shop, Taobao community is a free online shop daquan. This is Taobao’s most successful, but also one of the core Taobao beat ebay.

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