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babe network investors recently revealed that babe network D round of financing is nearing completion, the old VC NLVC for the new entrants to the investor. A reporter asked to close high-level babe on one occasion, the other said no publicly available information, but after the Senate voted for the investment community that have already signed the agreement, and said that in fact, at the end of last year has been low-key babe network to complete the C+ round of financing.

if the rumors are true, babe network will become the first large capital inflows in 2016 the electricity supplier "unicorn". Beibei online a public financing information is at the beginning of last year, today the capital led the $100 million C round of financing, valuation of more than $1 billion, the success among the "unicorn" star company.


babe network last year collar, head of capital today, known as the queen Xu Xin repeatedly expressed optimistic about the venture of babe network, even called babe network will become the next Jingdong". The charge of today’s capital in 2007 had led Beijing East War fame, its investment style known as "a huge amount of money to support the rapid expansion of the industry monopoly".


will again prove her vision: according to the mobile industry well-known big data firm QuestMobile’s latest report, the number of monthly active users babe network has more than ten million to become the absolute advantage of maternal electricity supplier boss, not only is two times the sum of the 234 maternal electricity supplier industry, more than the United States and other traditional giants. After the Jingdong, and, and even more surprisingly, babe network has maintained rapid growth of more than three or four times the industry, or will become the China Mobile business under a new Dau electricity supplier entrance million.