news July 1st, the day before, billion state power network found that Taobao golden lady miuco and Bartholomew night’s lodging was seized. It has been pointed out that the two shops were closed due to brand infringement was reported.


shop can not see any goods

but there are businesses found that in June 30th during the day in the seizure of state money and Samuel miuco this lady two Taobao gold shop in the evening the same day is lifted, the shop can be a normal visit.

the two stores are in the first echelon in the Taobao category, have very high sales and influence. Prior to the sale of the money in the shop with Mickey Mouse pattern of clothing, many sellers guess this is the reason for the seizure of the seizure. Many shops have the risk of infringement of sellers are insecure.

the sources pointed out that Taobao recently did in the crackdown of brand tort, the seller should store shelves in infringing products, and remove sensitive words in the name of product.

but insiders pointed out that millions of shops on the Taobao platform, the official difficult to investigate one. However, if the store or product is a complaint, Taobao will intervene in which the adjustment and punishment. This is a long time in Taobao to do a thing, nor is it particularly strict recently."

it is reported that at the end of 2014, announced "fake report 2014 Taobao Intellectual Property Office" linkage. The report shows that since 2010, Taobao Joint Intellectual Property Office has handled more than 3000 cases of infringement of patent infringement cases.