Abstract: luxury electricity supplier industry to spend a low profile collapse, immature market to the domestic luxury electricity supplier has brought a roller coaster development process, I believe the industry is bound to gradually mature.


The development of

Chinese luxury electric providers experienced that by four "China year" 2011, 2012, the expansion of a reshuffle of the mighty wave crashing on a sandy shore 2013. Industry and rapid outbreak of the industry chain is not mature, the market growth slowed from 2014 to the spring of 2015, the luxury business company to obtain new financing scanty, the industry began to sink to decline, layoffs, restructuring, sale, bankruptcy, lucky to survive is in jeopardy. There are even reports that the first generation of luxury electricity supplier has fallen, the industry will die in 2015.

luxury electricity supplier reproduction intensive financing, industry to mature

luxury electricity supplier industry low-key through closures, the immature market has brought a roller coaster to the development of domestic luxury electric providers, Fifth Avenue luxury network CEO Sun Yafei said, a lot of capital reminders fire luxury business industry, but consumers consumer confidence and consumption capacity is obviously insufficient, in addition to the big brands taking the luxury goods business is not recognized, even by pricing factors such as friction. But from the beginning of May this year, the luxury business intensive news broke financing again heat the entire industry:

May 19, 2015, serves network to complete the $30 million C round of financing, led Party voted for the Jardine LIAN, KPCB investment institutions and the original founding team with investment. Used to create a website fashion shopping experience, and cross-border O2O innovation and launch, while the listing of the capital before the start of preparation;

May 25th, the luxury goods business treasure net announces A round of 60 million yuan financing, equity investment fund management Kuailu matches (Shanghai) Co. Ltd., Shanghai Acer tide gene investment center and capital investment. The treasures of the network founder and CEO Cao Yundong said the financing for the build team, improve the treasures APP user experience and user benefit and the purchase of insurance. At present, the treasures of the network has invited dozens of domestic luxury goods suppliers and China United Property Insurance Company, together to create a genuine luxury goods industry alliance, for each commodity guarantee, the next one or two years will be listed in the domestic market;

July 8th, temple library network announced the acquisition of Ping An innovation investment fund invested more than 50 million U.S. dollars E round of financing. Round of financing in addition to Ping An investment fund innovation investment, the old shareholders of the temple library also conducted a E round of financing and investment. Financing will be used to continue to optimize the company’s products and services platform, enhance brand awareness and promote the rapid development of the company’s global business;

July 8th, the charm of luxury electricity supplier announced the acquisition of Alibaba strategic investment, the amount of more than $100 million. The Alibaba will jointly build the glamour and luxury goods flash sales business platform, offering deep discounts, for the consumer brand directly authorized luxury brands.