Jingdong accused of deliberately lower prices, Tmall dismissed "one of two", since this year, the electricity supplier and supplier continuous friction B2C. However, no vendor support, B2C business as "one can’t make bricks without straw", can not play tricks.

has been established for seven years, fast and easy company, but also had to change the strategy in the competition, held the first supplier conference. In June 28th, Yi Xun held the first supplier conference, Yi Xun CEO Bu Guangqi officially issued a voice: "fast and easy to get out of the" zero sum game ", build four platforms, to create a win-win ecological and retail suppliers."

Bu Guangqi planning under the four platforms, respectively: the integration of supply chain platform, big data platform, unified and open logistics platform and supply chain financial platform. The industry believes that the construction of these four platforms will help fast and easy integration of Tencent group in user traffic, capital and other aspects of IT resources, in the competition up early, catch a late set ", to achieve turn overtaking.


, Gigabyte Gigabyte graphics marketing department sales director Liu Mengzong told reporters: "in the video game industry as an example, the user experience and feedback data has great reference value for the iterative development of graphics. Easy fast network backed by Tencent’s huge gaming user groups, has a strong advantage after."

however, in the field of B2C Volume II, only Jingdong 1/5-1/6 easy fast, to fully win vendor support, not Yirushijie.

reconfiguration supplier system

June 28th, Yi Xun held the first supplier conference, attracting more than and 500 suppliers from home appliances, communications, IT digital and department stores attended the scene.

Qi said: "Xungang easy to set up, due to the small scale in listening learning state, did not hold a supplier meeting; thereafter, the size of the company while growing, but the economic ability and organization ability is insufficient, so it will have the supplier meeting postponed."

this year is fast and easy to set up seventh years of time, but also easy fast to a new stage of development, namely: to build a future oriented "new retail ecosystem" has become the primary task of the period, Yi Xun did not hesitate to open arms, to attract more suppliers to join.

in fact, this year’s fast and easy as Jingdong in 2010, began to enjoy the expansion of the category and regional expansion after the dividend growth. Yi Xun need to seize this opportunity to catch up with Jingdong.

Guang Qi told reporters: in the new supplier system, easy fast hope to use the ‘four platforms’ to help facilitate the formation of fast and easy to cross the customer relationship between the terminal and the brand system."

is reported that, in the new customer relationship system, easy and fast to brand manufacturers to open the new CRM capabilities based on user needs and behavior analysis, suppliers can get more effective >