if your company does not have a social media platform, develop a. Start with the basic start: Facebook, MySpace, YouTube, Twitter and blog. If you are a B2B enterprise, you may want to add SlideShare.

to this list

research content, to develop a plan for the platform. Add some interesting things to the platform. You know, you can’t invest in the media to promote, but the important thing is the industry news and practical things, such as practical examples.

now you have a platform, do not think that your media, paid search and SEO activities will inevitably bring traffic to the site. Think about Facebook as a web site, put your YouTube as a video micro site, put your Twitter as a micro blog. For these pages to attract traffic, may bring long-term access to consumers. When users choose to access your database, you can see them as friends and friends.

encourages viral social sharing. This includes a tweet coupon or a video content for your Facebook page.

people like to use the play button, so don’t worry about using it. Put your YouTube channel video out of your site. Of course, there are some YouTube brands, but it lets people know that you have a YouTube channel.

frantically marketing your social media assets. Put them on your site, link them from the site, and create an email signature.

when the blog says your business or its products are excellent, thank them. Return support, add functionality to websites, blogs, Facebook pages, and landing pages. Even if it is a small link, SEO for their posts to promote their thanks. Imagine how valuable it would be to thank your blog for praising your behavior, and if you often like to post it, you might want to get their permission first.

tracking such as file and channel access, friends, friends, followers, etc.. Check IceRocket view blog chat.

from these methods, you can use the average CPM and CPA to apply the real media value.

if you had 100 thousand video browsing on your YouTube channel, how much would you pay for a 30 second rolling ad?

you can use network analysis applications such as Google analysis tools to track the flow from the mainstream social networking sites.

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