Dangdang tail goods exchange on the line today –


dangdang.com days before the famous sale channel last collection today will be officially launched, which marks after every guest, one shop and a well-known business platform into the hot clothing poop sale area.

tail goods exchange will be capped by 70 percent off

dangdang.com responsible person, launched the "tail goods exchange sale channel, is an important measure of dangdang.com clothing category, the impact of strategic force 2013 sales target of 20 billion.

According to

, "Dangdang tail collection on line in the high-end brand sample sale, sale of the brand in the initial stage to the next line of apparel brands, including Co, ZARA, MO& Lee, Levis, Gloria, Adidas, Nike and so on, discounts based on 70 percent off cap. Industry sources said, "have been relatively calm in the famous sale online shopping market will usher in a price war."

is a well-known business platform Jiaore brand sale

platform and open Weihuo brand sale channel is formed a trend. It is reported that, following the launch of "customer brand sale" and "shop" clothing Museum launched the "famous sale", including Tmall, Jingdong, platform electricity providers are started brewing clothing poop sale channel. The general manager of Tmall apparel division Little Dragon said, 2013 Tmall will focus on creating the brand sale platform provided by Tmall, the flow of resources, brand independent management, inventory, sales weihuo.

reveals the apparel industry high inventory pressure

actually, and model, the limited sale of poop sale is not a new thing, the United States TJ Maxx and Ross Vente-privee in France, is already very successful online sale model. And now this model in the domestic hot source, is the domestic garment industry high inventory pressure.

insiders said, "clothing enterprises accounted for 5% of the production inventory to 8% is a more reasonable level, but the current inventory of many clothing brands are more than the production volume of 30%, its sales accounted for almost 1/3, has affected some of the company’s operations, will face even closed down the risk."

According to the

listed textile enterprises announced the 2012 annual report, the apparel industry inventory total more than 67 billion yuan, which was also produced "if the current national inventory of clothing sold out, the evaluation is not sold out" I’m afraid of three years. "To stock" has become a keyword in 2013 the entire garment industry, has become the background of electronic business platform have reached the poop sale area.

analysis shows that the poop clothing category will be following the books, cosmetics, clothing and a highly explosive electricity supplier distribution category.

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