[lead] as the saying goes, give a man to fish as delegate to fish. Wireless details have always been the top priority of wireless terminals, wireless dual details before 11, must be a solid foundation for the outbreak of the dual 11 wireless terminal.

(Note: the following wireless client Raiders to Tmall client, for example, but also on the phone Taobao seller also has a very good reference!)

a, why do wireless details?

1, increase user experience: PC terminal and wireless terminal respectively has the difference in consumer groups, consumer scene, sold at the PC end product may not be favored in the wireless terminal. Many businesses spend a lot of time in the decoration of mobile phone shops, but rarely spend time in wireless baby details page, describe synchronization in the PC side, a large number of pictures loaded slow, baby description of the user experience is poor, unable to arouse buyers purchase impulse. Rich in the details of the page can greatly enhance the sales and conversion rate.

2, the flow of precious: mobile terminal user traffic is very precious, especially 2G, 3G mobile user traffic, even WiFi users also want to have a good user experience.

3, the first show, weighted: optimize the phone details page, is conducive to traffic tilt, search weighted, priority display. In this regard, the official has a clear description.

two, how to do wireless details?

so how to do wireless details in order to achieve accurate and effective first of all, we must follow the three principles, layout, content and speed, in the case of limited time to give priority to optimize key.

1, wireless details page three principle

(1): the concise layout mobile phone screen is limited, not like the PC end as exhaustive, so the layout should be concise, can use the segmented images, beautiful and simple.

(2) content summary: the content needs to take the essence of the PC side, the wireless side of their own characteristics, you can highlight the highlights of the transformation through the price curve, etc., in addition to pay special attention to the font.

(3) speed – storage format: detailed picture of the page in the slicing to store the minimum memory, help to shorten the length of the customer to open.

2, select the wireless terminal to optimize the potential

(1) store the main explosion of priority: store the main push of the explosion has a certain basis, generally set up mobile phone exclusive price, such as store TOP10, ahead of schedule optimization, to improve the conversion rate of more help.

(2): a wireless terminal potential priority needs through a period of observation, selection of wireless terminal has the potential of the baby, from the business staff, also from the quantum PC terminal and wireless visitors, the conversion rate of turnover, compared to, choose the right products ahead of schedule optimization.



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