with the growing number of micro-blog users, the development of mobile social networking platform, the value of micro-blog marketing highlights. Businesses are also keeping up with the pace of the times, have to enter the field of micro-blog. However, micro-blog as a new thing, has its unique existence, but also in the marketing of micro-blog is also different. Therefore, businessmen to the micro-blog platform for product promotion display skills to the full power, also have the characteristics of follow micro-blog’s own survival, and actively create high popularity.

first, the accumulation of power stage

enhance the popularity of enterprise micro-blog, the first accumulation of power. When the accumulation of power reaches a certain level, the enterprise will naturally increase the popularity of micro-blog, this is a natural process. The first step in the accumulation of strength on the need for accurate positioning of enterprises. If the business is to do cosmetic business, the official micro-blog in the promotion of cosmetics as the goal at the same time have to create a unique product culture atmosphere. So, micro-blog will take off the coat of enterprise marketing, to become a true to life of the individual.

in the precise positioning, companies have to explore the interests of target groups. The enemy can ever victorious. Only identify the target consumer groups, business promotion will be targeted. In this regard, enterprises should take the initiative to actively interact with the target consumer group, grasp the consumer mentality of products in the process of interaction, to provide targeted solutions, so that consumers feel that their products can meet their particular needs. Only on the basis of demand can the two sides reach a consensus. In short, enhance the popularity of the enterprise micro-blog first let the target consumer and corporate resonance, so that the relationship between the two sides will be lasting.

two, full force stage

after the accumulation of a certain time, believe that the enterprise has pinpoint their location, but also familiar with the target consumer spending habits, then firms have entered the stage of force, mainly elaborate from two aspects of content and activities of micro-blog micro-blog. From the content of micro-blog, the company should continue to inject new blood to their micro-blog, adhere to the target consumers to provide valuable information, but also consumers interested in information. So companies have to focus on the ratio between product information and other information. The best proportion is 2:8. Although micro-blog is mainly to promote their products, but in the specific operation, the product information is not too much, otherwise consumers will generate resentment, because people don’t love to receive information passively.

at the same time in the introduction of product information also have to pay attention to publishing skills, you can use the text, pictures, video and other means of communication, to stimulate the consumer’s various senses. In addition, the company also has to provide timely micro-blog some new and interesting things, such as the production of hot topics of events, improve the interaction between the target consumers, resulting in higher popularity. Micro-blog activities, companies can engage in a number of preferential activities in a timely manner, to attract the attention of fans, but also the initiative to publish a topic triggered powder

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