June 17th news, in July of this year, the local electricity supplier platform Tobox Moscow will host a beauty contest in Moscow University, to build a network of red incubator.

it is understood that Tobox is a Russian local C2C platform, the founding team is the main members of the 90 youth from China, respectively, from VK, Amazon, Yandex and other companies. Tobox to tap Russia’s largest social networking site vk.com on the network red seller as a model of promotion.


The spread effect of

"VK and other social media with viral, but users of social networking sites to add the product description and commercial links, no payment function, and the existing problems of logistics service and slow language etc.. Tobox is the seller and the buyer want to solve the pain points." Tobox founder introduction.

for the logistics problem, Tobox decomposition of all aspects of Sino Russian cross-border Logistics: Lanshou, freight forwarding, customs clearance and last mile delivery, XRU.com (United Russia international express company) the integration of all aspects of resources, combined with CDEK, SPSR, PONY, SF launched the "TB painless logistics service platform".

for payment issues, ToBox and Yandex Money and other local payment platform, as well as Qianhai payment and other cross-border payment platform to solve the problem of payment from the outside of the single payment to the merchant capital cross-border issued.

is reported that the overall size of the Russian electricity supplier market at about $30 billion, and an annual growth rate of 30%. Although many domestic electricity supplier giant has carried out cross-border electricity supplier in Russia, but Russia is mostly B2C platform, Tobox is the first C2C platform. Before this, VK, INS on the platform of social celebrity, is through the Chinese B2C website to purchase, sell itself in the social platform.

July, Tobox will create a beauty contest in Russian universities, trying to explore multi-channel, diversified network red, laying the foundation for the future platform for more products.

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