in the tide of development like a raging fire in today’s electricity supplier price war, the traditional is no longer the focus of businesses are only competition, how to establish a good user experience, has been valued by more and more businessmen. Jingdong mall as the largest B2C market 3C professional online shopping platform, in the evaluation of the call on the usability of the design, it takes into account the user experience. Experience (User, UE) is a kind of pure subjective, in the user use the product process to build up the feeling. In the innovation of knowledge oriented society in China 2 — the application of innovation park model, the user experience as the first of the "three test" innovation mechanism. Our marketing is from the sensory experience, interactive experience, emotional experience, browsing experience and experience of trust in five aspects of analysis and evaluation under the Jingdong store call today.

a, audio-visual sensory experience


user experience first is a sensory experience, let’s first look at the basis of the experience of Jingdong, the Jingdong store each product page, especially the first screen to see commodity information (Figure 1), commodity score this column will get a better position. Occupy an important position in the commodity information, indicating the number of buyers evaluation, you can guide consumers to click on the timely view. From the user experience sensory experience, this is not unexpected, in the color is not very fancy, natural unified design of its pages and layout are quite harmonious and.


figure 1

two, interactive operation experience

said earlier, the product is not only marked after the ratings star, but also marked the number of buyers evaluation, and is a link with the text of the address. This presentation to the user experience on the operation, has a good ease of use and availability. At present, most shopping sites will be placed in this way evaluation links, the difference is that they will be placed in the location of subtle differences, but it plays a guiding role is the same. When the user to see the product picture and price, if you do not want to see the details of the product, and hope that through the evaluation of buyers to further understand the product, you can click on the link. Do not underestimate this is just a small link address, it is built on the basis of in-depth study of customer psychology. From the operation is also very convenient.

three, psychological emotional experience

third user experience is the emotional experience. When we look at the evaluation of the buyer of the Jingdong, we can find that both positive and negative evaluation, the user can be evaluated from 3 aspects of the advantages, disadvantages, and the use of experience (Figure 2). And in this part of the most eye-catching position marked with eye-catching red: published evaluation can get points reward mechanism. This is also a certain extent to stimulate the enthusiasm of buyers to evaluate the goods. There are two "useful" and "useless" below each comment;

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