he was once a financial officer, dealing with numbers every day, he is now adept at the helm of China’s largest and most potential B2C e-commerce platform – Alibaba group’s Tmall.

for this experience, Zhang Yong named "the doings of ghosts and gods". Prior to joining Taobao, he served as a grand two years CFO. Earlier, it is engaged in the electricity supplier has not associated with accounting, consulting industry.

however, the atypical Internet talent but in the entire B2C industry generally adopted "burning heating" approach, to develop a set of unique operation rules, hoping to find a clear and the road of sustainable development.

"my idea of running Tmall is very simple, that is, ‘Commission’ mode. If you want to get rich, it is necessary to create a large enough tax base. To this end, we need to provide the best possible service on this platform, which is a positive cycle." April, Zhang Yong said in an interview with this newspaper.

this "economic" thought abstruse, platform type shopping site to a new stage of development.

in fact, over the past two or three years, e-commerce market Chinese such as roller coaster agitation, first to obtain a large amount of VC melt was heavily favored; traditional enterprises have also reached the. Then, most companies in "loss" and "continue to burn" stage.

over the past two years, Taobao has been faced with various challenges. Zhang Yong told reporters, from the beginning of 2009, I have begun to get involved in Taobao’s business, management. Alibaba is like this, not too much to limit what you must not do." At that time, Zhang Yong’s position is actually Taobao CFO. After two years of exploration, taobao.com and Tmall gradually clear positioning, with Tmall network as the carrier of the B2C website, to join the competition with the Jingdong store, where customers, Dangdang and other mainstream China B2C website. 2011, Tmall turnover reached 100 billion yuan. According to Zhang Yong’s plan, in 2012 turnover will double to 200 billion yuan.

journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. Zhang Yong said, since independence in June last year, although Tmall has made some achievements. However, there are still many things to do, including: communication with partners, internal organization and management of the future development of the road and further exploration." The burden is not light, Zhang Yong will also be Tmall as their own, with all the energy into entrepreneurial mindset.

and PWC more than and 10 years Andersen accounting firm experience, has made him well versed in the "elite" of cultural philosophy. "We always ask ourselves, to eat other people can not eat bitter, do things others can not do." He said.

do business rather than shopping mall

is located only in shopping mall just >

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