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the "daily economic news" reporter learned that, after the Spring Festival, Shanghai many courier companies raised courier wages, part of the increase of 10%~20%, but companies still reflect recruitment difficulties.

"now it is very difficult," Xia Zubin STO marketing director yesterday to the "daily economic news" said, "regardless of basic salary or other aspects of the overall treatment to be raised, because now it is difficult to recruit people."

Xia Zubin told reporters after the Spring Festival, the courier company wages raised, the basic wage increase of 10%~20%, but a skilled salesman to find the situation still exists.

A business executive

Shanghai Yuantong express Xuhui District told reporters that the region before and after the Spring Festival to express with "pay". The courier company in the Shanghai South Railway Station area, a courier told reporters, lack of manpower, courier too much, a little to send."

DHL Sinotrans Ltd. Corporate Communications Department Manager Li said, according to the company’s business situation and business staff last year’s performance, and combined with the average wage increase and so on, to the staff of a salary every year, to ensure that their wages have a competitive advantage in the market.

China Express Consulting Network chief consultant Xu Yong believes that after the Spring Festival, many companies are aware of the volume of business is still growing, but if you do not improve the treatment of employees, courier personnel tension will not be eased.

"recruitment difficult problem lies in the low wages," Xu Yong said, "at the same time, the express clerk working too hard, if there is no good treatment is difficult to attract talent."

consultant senior researcher Li Xuerong also said that the courier work most of the time in the outdoors, like city courier work time in more than 10 hours a day, the intensity of work, poor working environment, pressure, occupation and the social status has not changed, leading to the courier to work more dissatisfied, is necessary so as to raise the salary.

at the same time, Xu Yong also pointed out that now more and more express staff tend to be younger, they in addition to solve the problem of food and clothing, all kinds of demands more, they want to spare life rich and colorful, have more leisure time. And engaged in courier work means to sacrifice a lot of this demand, and therefore more urgent need for better wages to attract.

at the same time, Li Xuerong also pointed out that with the rapid development of the electricity supplier in the field, improve the logistics industry requirements, increase the amount of logistics that need to attract more people to join the field, pay is one of the most direct way. At the same time, the large flow of courier practitioners, which led to the overall management of the company’s instability, affecting the continuity of the work, so the staff to achieve the stability of the staff management system through a raise to retain staff.

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