"the first thing you have to understand their desire, then you will pass your products to meet, and they are in accordance with your expectations in the use process, you know what will they go to their evolution, then you on the side to watch on the line." WeChat founder Zhang Xiaolong once said. Micro business has been bustling suddenly plummeted in the circle of friends, "Refresh" has become rare, does not mean that the derivative in the back, but in no sense of "trampling each other" rush on like a swarm of hornets midway adjustment. However, wait until the outbreak of the micro business again, after the main micro dealer will undergo a fundamental change after shuffling, and micro business play has begun to common sense".


Ms. Wang is the first batch of

micro business representatives, Ms. Wang had just finished a child, now full-time at home, is a typical housewife". Because the child suddenly pushed out from the fetters of disputes in the workplace, let Ms. Wang have a sense of loss, but the micro business let Ms. Wang feel a "presence", and began to sell the mask, from primary to secondary to the agency, the provincial agency, Ms. Wang with yourself in the workplace can create their own life "second spring". My WeChat circle of friends, almost all my customers, Ms. Wang said. Although the micro business can bring wealth, but every day to ensure that online 15 hours, and even with the child’s time is not


now, Ms. Wang began to reduce their time online, one is how to squeeze some time with the kids, on the other hand, its development has encountered a bottleneck, want more performance, and can also requires their own fight". In fact, many dealers to join the micro entrepreneurs, eyes only how much million dreams, but did not do intend to endure hardship, and even some people will not focus on how to sell products, but as far as possible the development of assembly line, from "sitting money". Micro business is definitely not brush screen Caiyuanguangjin! "Ms. Wang is now the acting mask products, good reputation with the micro channel, now began to shift sales channels, opening a flagship store in the electronic business platform, and a lot of advertising in traditional media, relative WeChat channels, are taking their spelling ability of micro market. "Environment, everyone began to resent the micro business, business is not good to do, especially now that many people in the micro business naturally or half unconsciously hurt!" Ms. Wang is going to take care of the children, and then settling for a period of time, the micro business knowledge, for grassroots entrepreneurs, many opportunities! "

according to statistics, the first batch of micro business groups are mainly college students, full-time mothers, unemployed workers…… They have a smattering of knowledge in electronic commerce, through a brief study, seek high profit products, the main sales means violence shuabing. This situation is not uncommon in the Internet, when it comes to buy network, for the network age of young people, probably only know the United States mission, public comment, glutinous rice network…… In fact, in the group buying site just emerging, once broke out the "thousand regiment war", and now famous >

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