2010, the electronic commerce in China also ushered in the second golden period of development for ten years, in the first ten years of e-commerce calm ready, the next performance will be more eye-catching, reported that Chinese e-commerce market will usher in a blowout era, not only the overall network prevails, with electronic commerce and the online shopping will also be bound towards deepening. In the implementation of the real name system under the strong protection of e-commerce applications without touching.

collective transformation when the dream into reality

"2009 Chinese Online Shopping Market Research Report" shows that the first half of the year, the online shopping amounted to 119 billion 520 million yuan, is expected to reach 250 billion yuan, of which the B2C website is rapid growth, market share increased from 7% in 2008 to 11%. Online shopping market is increasingly popular, ignited the enthusiasm of enterprises to join B2C, vertical B2C website ushered in a new round of high-speed development period.

compared to the traditional B2B or C2C site, B2C site is to provide enterprises with e-commerce platform for e-commerce sites. Seamless B2C from the appeal of the website which can realize the information flow, logistics, capital flow, for enterprise purchasing and inventory cost budget can maintain high profit growth at the same time, reduce the enterprise product brand and performance disadvantage, complete the revenue deficit. Of course, the premise is the product brand and service quality are not smuggled goods. Therefore, the application of the B2C model, the site is just a brand promotion and product sales channels, the real implementation of the people behind, and must have a physical basis.

but in the last few years, great changes happened to B2C’s staggering, vertical B2C website have reached a mature stage, because of the nature of the industry accumulated problems have triggered B2C in the electronic commerce gradually diversified trend, the domestic mainstream professional network platform have also launched a comprehensive online shopping platform to the transformation of the road. Such as Amazon, dangdang.com, red child, Jingdong are to the mall, VANCL comprehensive website transformation.

at the end of the Beijing business daily had published an article "B2C" Department of collective needs 10 years of transition period "reported that the text mentioned, although the excellent department store sales have accounted for more than half of total sales, but it is in its infancy. In fact, China B2C industry is not a comprehensive website into, nor a website can in the netizens online department store "and" painting.

‘s point of view, this transformation does not seem to be promising, with commentary that the collective B2C website transformation, exposed the vertical B2C website profit weakness, but not in the hope of hard suffering, I was forced to cross industry initiative, and hope to get rid of the plight of the development, to create a new world. However, the vertical B2C site of this large and full transformation, the effect is likely to backfire.

and some analysts said that the original focus on fine

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